Royal Marines Museum

Royal Marines Museum

The Royal Marines Museum celebrates the famous fighting spirit and long history of the Royal Marines.

Immerse yourself in what this award-winning Museum has to offer; explore the exhibits, enjoy our interactive displays and films, and see how the Royal Marines have developed into the world-renowned elite fighting force of today.

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Exhibition area

The exhibition area tells the story of the early days. The regiment was first formed in 1664 when it was known as the Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot. The Marines, the name by which they were to become world famous, first appeared in 1672 after the Battle of Solebay.

A woman at war

The roll call of honour of the Marines has included the names of many famous men down the ages – and one woman. In the mid 18th century Hannah Snell successfully managed to pass herself off as a man and signed up. Hear her tell her fascinating story while sitting in her favourite tavern.

Be confined to barracks

Families and children can get a real-life glimpse into what it was like to live like a soldier back in the days when Great Britain ruled over “the Empire on which the sun never sat”. The Royal Marines played a big part in our Empire story, and you can see and experience what everyday life was like for yourself, even what it was like to live and sleep in the barracks at the time.

Then find out what it was like to go to war with the Royal Marines who saw action in the China Wars (1840-1900), the Crimean War (1854-1856) and the Ashanti War (1873-1874).

The Making of the Royal Marines Commando

Learn what recruits undertake on their 32 week training course to earn the prestigious green beret. With cutting edge interactive displays, a SA80 rifle simulator, a tunnel for children to explore and much more, the exhibition is not to be missed!

Marines at War

At no time in our nation’s history has the bravery of the Royal Marines been called upon so much than in the First and Second World Wars. Re-live their daring exploits, see how they adapted to jungle warfare, and survived against terrible odds in prisoner of war camps.

School parties

The Royal Marines Museum is always happy to welcome families, children and school parties, and special events are held during the school holidays.

Weddings and other events

If you’re looking for a venue with a difference, the Royal Marines Museum is a popular choice for weddings, celebrations, parties and other social and entertainment events. Private or corporate, it’s sure to go off with a bang.

Medal Room

The Medal Room contains the Royal Marines Museum’s collection of over 8,000 medals. Each one is a badge of honour, and they include all 10 Victoria Crosses awarded to the regiment. You can discover their stories of bravery and how they were won in special interactive kiosks, which also include games and quizzes to involve our younger visitors.

Special Exhibitions Gallery

The Special Exhibitions Gallery is purpose-designed to show a rolling programme of exciting exhibitions throughout the year. Visit to see what is on show…

Royal Marines Museum

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